Build-a-lot 4 - Power Source

Build-a-lot 4 - Power Source

Build-a-lot 4: Power Source is a strategy game with a construction theme
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Build-a-lot 4: Power Source is a strategy game with a construction theme. The goal of the game is to construct, sell, buy, and rent houses to make money. Every level has a specific goal that you have to achieve in order to get to the next one. There is a great variety of houses that you can build and you can also upgrade the ones that you already built to increase their value and rental income. As you progress, you can purchase permits and other stuff that allow you to reach your goals faster and more easily. The houses may also get damaged, so you must repair them and perform inspections to prevent them from getting damaged again. You also have to pay attention to power and try to add energy savers to your houses in order to avoid blackouts or construct more efficient ones. To carry out all these tasks, you will require technicians and workers that you can hire and train for your convenience. As you progress, you will also be able to build other buildings that are necessary for the city.
What is more, the game includes two modes to play: Campaign and Casual, although the latter is only unlocked when you complete the main one. In Campaign mode you will visit a great variety of towns and neighborhoods fulfilling certain tasks for the mayor. Whereas in Casual mode, the goal is to generate a specific amount of money using any strategy you like.
Regarding the graphics, they are very detailed and attractive. Sound effects are good and the music is suitable.
In short, Build-a-lot 4 - Power Source is a wonderful strategy game with a construction theme that definitely deserves a try.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Nice graphics
  • Two modes
  • Lots of things to build
  • Enjoyable


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